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out our daily activities in a modern clinic working with highly qualified and friendly dental care professionals.

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The Orthodontics is a dental specialty targeting the correction of teeth’s position on dental arcades and, all dental abnormalities, such as distorted teeth or tight teeth, the spaces between teeth, the missing teeth or the large number of teeth. To...

Dental prosthetic

What does the dental prosthetic stand for? The dental prosthetic is a dental specialty which is focused on the replacement of the missing teeth with artificial teeth. It has a great importance from both the morphological and the aesthetical perspectives....


Implantology Like in all branches of medicine, we witnessed a tremendous advancement in dentistry, especially due to the discovery of new techniques and materials. Dental implantology is one of the modern techniques we can benefit from. Dental implantology is the...

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are one of the most efficient methods of investigation and determining the accurate diagnosis. Based on them, the treatment scheme can be planned. Digital radiology offers more advantages compared to the standard radiology. First of all, the irradiation...

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We carry out our daily activities in a modern clinic provided with 5 medical consulting rooms, a sterilization room, digital radiology, 2 waiting halls, a lecture room and management offices. The state-of-the-art equipment and the cutting edge technology we employ allow us to provide high quality services as well as the management of dental tourism.

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Endodontic treatment

What is the endodontic treatment? Endodontics is a dental specialty, which treats the dental pulp, i.e. the nerve and the ligaments inside...

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What is Periodontics ? Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which treats the diseases that destroy the tissue (the periodontal membrane) which...

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When considering using the Dental Tourism services, an additional reason to turn to Team Dental Clinic, is that you will have the chance to visit our city, a city where the rich history complements the culture.

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